New product

PROFILE CHAIR SOLID is the solid wood version of the stackable PROFILE CHAIR by Sylvain Willenz. The new chair is suited especially for the contract market and can be ordered now.

With PROFILE BENCH we are happy to introduce the latest addition to the PROFILE series by Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz. The bench is now available for order in the lengths 220 cm and 160 cm.

UNIT SETs in our Online Shop

The UNIT shelving system by Marina Bautier can be customised by means of a variety of additional storage elements. With our UNIT SETS we also offer a number of preconfigured combinations.


We want to design modern, long-lasting furniture made of wood and other ecological materials – unpretentious furniture with surprising details such as very stable plug-in joints requiring neither glue nor screws. more

Our Project

Craftsmanship, design, ecology and a nicely detailed construction – this is what we appreciate in products. In collaboration with highly engaged designers and inventive joiners we tried to turn these criteria into a small collection of furniture.




The contaminant-free Aqua KB-004 Compact Stain that we use is available in four base colours which can be blended to produce the desired shade of colour. more


For some of our furniture we use oak wood because it is particularly hard, durable and robust. more


The Christmas wishlist from Stattmann Neue Moebel

Those who wish to treat their loved ones with something special for Christmas from the Stattmann Neue Moebel collection, place your order with free delivery within Europe until 7 December here.




PROFILE TABLE CROSS FRAME by Sylvain Willenz is now also available in oak natural and the new measurements ROUND 135 cm and SQUARE 220 x 90 cm. You can order it via our Online Shop – or request custom measurements via telephone.

Our workshop is situated in the countryside in the midst of meadows and fields, close to the village of Ascheberg in Westphalia. more


We use ash because it is a very hard, solid and yet flexible wood. For this reason sleighs and gymnastics equipment is manufactured from this material even today. more