»The result is what I love to achieve; something super simple, yet striking«

Is Profile Chair your first chair? 
The PROFILE chair is not my first chair, but it is certainly one of the most thoroughly resolved one I have done. Although very simple, the PROFILE Chair is the result of rigorous and meticulous work and engineering with STNM. The result is what I love to achieve; something super simple, yet striking and remarkable through its looks and function; PROFILE is beautiful, lightweight, comfortable and stackable.

I’m inspired by so many things, it can be architecture, art, graphic design… But most generally, I’m very interested in how things are made and built. What I love is simplicity and straightforwardness. I believe design can be very effective and strong through yet very simple concepts, lines and interventions. Hence the PROFILE chair; simple and powerful at the same time. I like to design things that are so simple they feel like they’ve always been there.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, we have gone through tremendous efforts in making the PROFILE chair a very versatile design. Thanks to its massive wood construction and a well engineered structure, PROFILE is extremely sturdy and robust, suited for many applications, from residential to collective and contract usage. It has been tested and is completely suited to intensive usage. It can be used in cafés, restaurants, libraries, museums… For example, the canteen of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg is completely equipped with PROFILE chairs and tables.


sylvain willenz After living in the US, Belgium and the United Kingdom, Sylvain Willenz studied product design at the Royal College of Art in London. Following his graduation in 2003, he returned to his native town, Brussels, where he founded his own studio. He works for renowned international companies with projects ranging from lighting and furniture to electronic devices. In 2009, leading press and design institutions nominated Sylvain Willenz as Belgian Designer of the Year. 


Studied at the Royal College of Art in London (UK)

Studio based in Brussels, Belgium


Profile Chair

PROFILE CHAIR is a super lightweight chair with surprising inner workings. It is made of lightweight natural fibre-reinforced tubes. The tubes are wound of soaked cotton – a high-tech process that is also used in the manufacture of sports equipment. more


COLOURS Ash natural / white / black / rose / red
WEIGHT 3,1 kg

Profile Chair


Profile Table

PROFILE TABLE is a lightweight, elegant solid wood table with a highly reduced construction. Table top and table legs are simply plugged into each other. This is made possible by a very stable, conical solid wood connection secured by a screw. The lack of any substructure allows for maximum legroom. more


COLOURS Ash natural / white / blueblack / red
MODELS Square / Round 94 / Round 122

Profile Table

Styling and Interior Photo by Studio Oink


Profile Bench

With a clear focus on a reduced design language and high-quality craftsmanship and construction, the solid wood bench PROFILE BENCH stands out due to its delicate proportions and versatile application. Designed as a companion piece to PROFILE TABLE, the new bench is available in the lengths 220 cm and 160 cm, beautifully complementing the table and chair by designer Sylvain Willenz. mehr

FARBE Oak natural / Ash: natural / blackblue / white red / darkblue greengrey / grey purplegrey / darkyellow

Profile Table