ADD STOOL is a stackable stool which appeals due to its clear lines and distinctive natural grain. The compact three-legged stool can be stacked up to six units. ADD STOOL can be a comfortable seat or a small table. This makes it an ideal item for a multitude of uses in private and public interiors such as restaurants, offices, waiting areas, or museums.

With PROFILE BENCH we are happy to introduce the latest addition to the PROFILE series by Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz. The bench is now available for order in the lengths 220 cm and 160 cm.


We want to design modern, long-lasting furniture made of wood and other ecological materials – unpretentious furniture with surprising details such as very stable plug-in joints requiring neither glue nor screws. more




Stattmann Neue Moebel
at Elbphilharmonie

In the furnishing of Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie, our PROFILE CHAIR and PROFILE TABLE by Sylvain Willenz made the selection. read more …


Nomad Magazine visited us in our workshop. Take a look at the interview and some pictures here.



Our workshop is situated in the countryside in the midst of meadows and fields, close to the village of Ascheberg in Westphalia. more