How We Work • Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design We love wood because it is organic and durable. That is why we started looking for designers who share this passion. Marina Bautier, Sylvain Willenz, and Steffen Kehrle attracted our attention because of their clever handling of wood. They design modern, long-lasting furniture made of wood and other ecological materials.

Their briefing consisted of a simple cardboard box with about 30 samples: traditional and new plug-in joints, sustainable lightweight materials, and innovative material-technology combinations. In addition, they designers found a little manual for traditional as well as rather unusual possibilities of wood processing.

The designers quickly realized that we were not interested in beautiful shapes alone. The technical character of the samples emphasized functional aspects like transport, assembly, weight and sustainability. Inspired by our samples, the designers started exploring computer-aided milling technology and lightweight construction. They reflected on the re-interpretation of traditional woodworking techniques and ways to optimize material utilization. This process resulted in beautiful, lightweight and unpretentious furniture with surprising details such as very stable plug-in joints requiring neither glue nor screws.

For us at STATTMANN NEUE MOEBEL it is essential that our products reflect the needs of the present. How do people live today? How do they furnish their homes? Which products do they really need? We believe that the answer is archetypal furniture which is honest, simple, functional, and affordable.