How We Work • Sustainable Production

Sustainable Production Wood is a renewable resource. We exclusively use wood from sustainably managed forests. We try to use our raw material as economically as possible by reducing material thickness and waste. In the production process of UNIT SHELF by Marina Bautier there is hardly any waste due to the simple, rectangular lines. The circular frame of ADD STOOL by STEFFEN KEHRLE consists of three solid wood strips that have been bent under steam – which allows us to minimize material usage.

Wherever possible we aim at saving energy, for example in the delivery of the finished furniture. The use of materials from the field of lightweight construction helps us reduce the transport weight. Stackable chairs and demountable shelves require fewer and smaller packages for its delivery. In addition, we avoid the use of energy-intensive parts. In the case of UNIT SHELF and Plug Shelf we substituted metal screws and fittings with milled plug-in joints made of wood.

We try to reduce the use of chemicals to a minimum. That is why we use solid wood rather than MDF sheets, renewable materials rather than synthetics fibres as well as environmentally friendly pigments and coatings. We keep ourselves informed about the research and development of new materials, stains and seals so that we can adopt better solutions as they become available.