How We Work • Traditional Craftsmanship

Traditional Craftsmanship Our joinery was established in 1896 by our great-grandfather August Stattmann in Ascheberg and our family has been in the business of furniture and interior construction ever since. Experiences, professional knowledge and tricks are passed on from generation to generation. Traditional techniques like marquetry, hand-crafted solid wood joints like dovetail joints, dovetail battens, drawer slides and hinges are still practised by our cabinetmakers. This know-how and skills together with the constant challenge to develop new constructive solutions are responsible for the particular attraction of our craft.


The properties of wood keep inspiring and fascinating us. Wood is pleasant to the touch, has an organic structure and ages beautifully. It is solid, yet one can process it very well. We still very often do that traditionally, by hand. We do not manufacture mass-produced goods at STATTMANN NEUE MOEBEL, objects that are produced and thrown away equally quickly.