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Drechslerei Delbrügge
Reckelsumer Str. 36
59348 Lüdinghausen

CNC Milling

The cutter of a CNC milling machine can cut almost any shape out of a piece of wood. The process is wholly computer controlled (CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control). 3-D data is entered into the computer which transforms those into milling paths. The machine moves along those paths and can even change tools depending on the required diameters and angles. This way organic or irregular shapes and geometries can be realised effectively. Complex details which traditionally required extensive handwork can be produced cost efficiently thanks to modern milling technology. In our workshop we have a CNC milling machine with three axes which meets most requirements. For some parts like the solid wood connectors of PROFILE CHAIR. we need a 5-axis machine which can move relatively freely around the work piece and cut it from all sides. Those parts are manufactured by the turners’ workshop Delbrügge in the neighbouring town of Lüdinghausen.