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For some of our furniture we use oak wood because it is particularly hard, durable and robust. Second to beech, the oak is the most common foliage tree in central Europe. It can be found mainly in Germany and France and reaches a height of up to 30 metres. In commercial forestry it reaches a diameter of about 90 centimetres but there are also 1.000 year old specimens with a circumference of up to nine meters. For ecological reasons the cultivation and use of oak wood makes a lot of sense, too, as the oak tree provides a habitat for up to 1.000 insect species. The heartwood of the oak is a greyish to red brown with a strong grain. The tannin contained within is responsible for the typical smell as well as a high resistance to decay. The stems are free of knots for a length of up to ten meters. This means that particularly long boards, beams and veneers can be produced from oak. Oak is a valuable hardwood that traditionally has been used in building and ship construction for its high durability. We use oak from Germany which is provided by Heinrich Wehmeyer GmbH & Co. KG in Havixbeck.