Materials & Processes • Solid Wood Cutting

Solid Wood Cutting

Solid wood is delivered to the workshop in the form of roughly cut boards. Before it can be processed further it needs to reach the proper degree of dryness. 8 to 10 percent residual humidity are considered appropriate for furniture construction. You can achieve this by drying or storing the wood in an appropriate place. Once the wood is dry enough you can start cutting it. The cabinetmakers cut the wood with the circular saw according to the required measurements. Doing this they make sure that the age rings and the grain run in the proper direction. If needed they remove flawed parts to guarantee a perfect surface for the future furniture.

The solid wood is cut into boards or battens with an extra 3 to 4 millimetres in each direction to facilitate processing. In each step of the process the cabinetmakers try produce as little waste as possible.