Our values

A clean, functional design language, high-quality craftsmanship, and a well thought-through use of the natural resource wood – that is what makes for the special quality of our furniture. Honesty, durability, and ecology number among the key values of STATTMANN NEUE MOEBEL.


Wood is a fantastic material. Every tree is individual in its growth, structure, and colour. Wood is pleasant to the touch, has an organic structure and ages beautifully. It is also renewable, ecological and durable. We only work with selected oak and ash wood from certified sustainable forestry – top-quality material which deserves to be handled with respect. In our furniture we want to bring out the beauty of this wonderful material to the fullest extent. That is why the highest level of craftsmanship goes into the manufacturing of the sophisticated details of construction and design as well as the surfaces of all STATTMANN NEUE MOEBEL pieces.


The designers who work for STATTMANN NEUE MOEBEL—Marina Bautier, Sylvain Willenz and Steffen Kehrle—share our passion for wood. Together we try to rethink traditional woodworking techniques and work out new, clever solutions such as innovative plug-in joints made of wood. The result are surprising details, which are often hidden to the eye.

The design process aims at the creation of straightforward, archetypical furniture which is functional, which can be used in a variety of situations, and which stays with you for a long time. The resulting piece should be a practical, loyal companion.


The Stattmann family workshop was established in 1896 and our family has been in the business of furniture and interior construction ever since. Professional knowledge and experience are passed on from generation to generation. Our cabinetmakers are still proficient in traditional techniques like marquetry and hand-crafted solid wood joints. This know-how forms the basis for the development of innovative constructive solutions. Meticulous craftsmanship across the whole manufacturing process guarantees the special quality of our furniture.


We place great importance on sustainable, regional manufacturing, short transport distances as well high-quality, ecological materials. We exclusively use wood from certified sustainable forestry as well as environmentally friendly pigments and coatings for the finishing of the surfaces. We also do our best to avoid any metal or plastic components.

We create products for people who care about where their furniture comes from and under what conditions it is manufactured.