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Product and Material Information

Like any other online shop we have our legally approved general terms and conditions regulating reclamation and return policies and the like according to European law. As we do not offer industrial goods but handcrafted products made of a very special, organic material we would like to provide you – in addition to those standardised terms & conditions – with some additional pieces of advice in our own words. They concern potential discrepancies between catalogue image and finished furniture piece, assembly and maintenance, and return. You are very welcome to contact us any time if you have further questions around those topics.

We wish you a good time with our furniture. 
Nicola and Oliver Stattmann

Material and surfaces

Wood is a beautiful, organic material with small knots and differences in grain and colour. This means that each piece of furniture and each part has its individual characteristics and will never correspond exactly to the image on the website. Each piece is unique because no tree is like the other.

Our furniture is made of solid oak or ash. Both types of wood are very hard and strong but not indestructible. Daily use will probably cause some scratching and denting. This will not seriously damage the furniture as no layers of material can chip off.

Our furniture is finished with a hard wax seal to preserve the natural, i.e. open-pored and matt, character of surface. The coating protects the wood but does not completely seal it like a varnish would. For this reason you should always wipe off spilled liquids.

Wood can change its colour when exposed to strong light or sun. The colour can intensify or darken.

Another characteristic of solid wood is that it can "work". Depending on external conditions such as humidity, temperature or climate it can change its dimensions, well up, shrink, warp or crack slightly. We only use high-quality wood from sustainable forestry that has been certified and dried to 8 to 10 percent humidity according to the European standard. In spite of this careful selection the wood can start to "work", particularly if shipped to different climate zones or exposed to an extreme indoor climate. We process the wood with extreme care to keep such changes to a minimum but cannot completely prevent small cracks or irregularities. Those have always been one of the characteristics of solid wood.

The described characteristics of solid wood were also taken into account when we worked out the shape and structure of our furniture. If the pieces change over time you should not see this as a defect but appreciate it as one of the characteristics of solid wood furniture.


The assembly of the shelf systems is very simple and requires no tools – you will only need a drilling machine when fixing the ledges of UNIT SHELF to the wall. Everything else is done by hand using special plugin joints. Those joints are cut very precisely and should be handled carefully. We provide step-by-step assembly instructions for each type of shelf. Please follow those simple instructions closely. If you encounter problems during assembly, please get in touch with us directly. We will be happy to assist you. We also recommend that you place all components on a blanket or carpet when unpacking and during assembly. This will keep the wood from scratching.

Return and ecology

There is always a chance that you will not like the piece of furniture that you ordered or that it looks different than you expected. Naturally, you are entitled to return the product. We would still like to ask you to consider your choice well. Returns have an environmental cost, and they can contribute to an increase in the prizes of products.

If you are unsure or have questions regarding the products, please call us or write to us before ordering. We can provide you with more detailed product information or send you material and colour samples for all products to help you with your decision.